Recent News

January 2021

New paper in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience - Leveraging Prior Concept Learning Improves Generalization From Few Examples in Computational Models of Human Object Recognition. Georgetown Press Release

July 2020

New paper in Journal of Eye Movement Research - Microsaccades during high speed continuous visual search

New paper in NeuroImage - From shape to meaning: Evidence for multiple fast feedforward hierarchies of concept processing in the human brain

October 2019

New paper in Journal of Vision - A crash in visual processing: Interference between feedforward and feedback of successive targets limits detection and categorization Georgetown Press Release

March 2019

New paper in Human Brain Mapping - Neural mechanisms of vibrotactile categorization

February 2019

New paper in Brain and Language - An fMRI-adaptation study of phonological and orthographic selectivity to written words in adults with poor reading skills.

October 2018

New paper in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience - High Resolution Human Eye Tracking During Continuous Visual Search.

August 2018

New paper in Scientific Reports - Zapping 500 faces in less than 100 seconds: Evidence for extremely fast and sustained continuous visual search.

Faculty of 1000 recommendation.

April 2018

New paper in Neuron - Training Humans to Categorize Monkey Calls: Auditory Feature- and Category-Selective Neural Tuning Changes

GUMC New Release.

NSF New Release.

NPR Story.

March 2017

Workshop Announcement: We're organizing a workshop on Hierarchical Multisensory Integration in Barcelona, Spain, June 18-19, 2017

New paper in Neural Networks - Plug-and-play in computational neuroscience: HMAX meets COVIS

September 2016

The Journal of Neuroscience - Multivariate Pattern Analysis Reveals Category-Related Organization of Semantic Representations in Anterior Temporal Cortex

July 2016

New paper in Language, Cognition and Neuroscience - Evidence for rapid localist plasticity in the ventral visual stream: the example of words, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

June 2016

New paper in NeuroImage - Uncovering phonological and orthographic selectivity across the reading network using fMRI-RA

GUMC News Release.

Blog post on Psychology Today.

Featured in Scientific American.

October 2015

New paper in the Journal of Neuroscience - There Is a “U” in Clutter: Evidence for Robust Sparse Codes Underlying Clutter Tolerance in Human Vision.

April 2015

Maxlab selected to showcase NSF-funded research on Capitol Hill.

March 2015

New paper in the Journal of Neuroscience - Adding Words to the Brain's Visual Dictionary: Novel Word Learning Selectively Sharpens Orthographic Representations in the VWFA.

GUMC News Release.

Article in TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Discovery News, Inside Science and Scientific American.

February 2014

New paper in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience - Time Course of Shape and Category Selectivity Revealed by EEG Rapid Adaptation

July 2013

New Paper in Journal of Neuroscience - Individual Variability in Location Impacts Orthographic Selectivity in the “Visual Word Form Area” (GUMC news release).

March 2013

New Paper in Journal of Neuroscience - Automatic Phoneme Category Selectivity in the Dorsal Auditory Stream.

February 2013

New Paper in NeuroImage: Clinical - A quantitative link between face discrimination deficits and neuronal selectivity for faces in autism (GUMC news release).

June 2011

Journal of Neuroscience - Functional Correlates of the Auditory "What" Hierarchy

May 2011

Mark Chevillet defended his thesis with distinction on May 20. Congratulations, soon-to-be Dr. Chevillet!

June 2010

Prefrontal Cortex Activity during Flexible Categorization. The Journal of Neuroscience, June 23, 2010, 30(25):8519-8528

December 2009

Laurie Glezer, MAXLAB's first graduate student, defended her thesis ("Investigating the Neural Code for Single-Word Reading") with distinction on December 17. Congratulations, soon-to-be Dr. Glezer!

November 2009

Task effects, performance levels, features, configurations, and holistic face processing: A reply to Rossion. Acta Psychologica 2009 Nov;132(3):286-92.

September 2009

Book Chapter: Object categorization in man, monkey, and machine: some answers and some open questions. Cambridge University Press 2009.

April 2009

A visual word dictionary in the brain! Read all about it in Neuron. We also made the cover!

November 2008

Three of the nine SFN abstracts featured by the GUMC News Office were from our group (out of more than 100 total submitted by Georgetown groups to the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting). Go, maxlab!

September 2007

A Model of V4 Shape Selectivity and Invariance: [ Paper in J Neurophys ]

August 2007

Appearance Isn't Everything: News on Object Representation in Cortex (Preview for Paper by Mahon et al. ) [ Preview in Neuron ]

March 2007

fMRI study elucidates neural mechanisms underlying perceptual and category learning in humans: [ Paper in Neuron ] [ GUMC News release ]