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Our lab investigates the neurocomputational mechanisms underlying human object recognition and learning across sensory modalities as a gateway to understanding the neural bases of intelligent behavior.

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How the mind sees the world

Riesenhuber M.

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Evidence for a spoken word lexicon in the auditory ventral stream

Damera S.R., Chang L., Nikolov P.P., Mattei J.A., Banerjee S., Glezer L.S., Cox P.H., Jiang X., Rauschecker J.P., Riesenhuber M.

From shape to meaning: Evidence for multiple fast feedforward hierarchies of concept processing in the human brain

Damera S.R., Martin J.G., Scholl C., Kim J.S., Glezer L., Malone P.S., Riesenhuber M.

Metamodal coupling of vibrotactile and auditory speech processing systems through matched stimulus representations

Damera S.R., Malone P.S., Stevens B.W., Klein R., Eberhardt S.P., Auer E.T., Bernstein L.E., Riesenhuber M.