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Our lab investigates the neurocomputational mechanisms underlying human object recognition and learning across sensory modalities as a gateway to understanding the neural bases of intelligent behavior.

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How the mind sees the world

Riesenhuber M.

Ongoing Study Recruitment


Microsaccades During High Speed Visual Search

Martin J.G., Davis C.E., Riesenhuber M., Thorpe S.J.

From shape to meaning: Evidence for multiple fast feedforward hierarchies of concept processing in the human brain

Damera S., Martin J.G., Scholl C., Kim J.S., Glezer L., Malone P.S., Riesenhuber M.

A crash in visual processing: Interference between feedforward and feedback of successive targets limits detection and categorization

Martin J.G., Cox P.H., Scholl C.A., Riesenhuber M.